Looking for the Best Austin Cat Sitters?

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Whether you’re heading out of town, have a busy schedule, or simply need a helping hand,
our professional cat sitters are here to help.

We’re proud to serve the feline families of South/Southeast Austin, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, and Lockhart.

At Meow Austin Cat Sitting, we understand that cats are not just pets. They’re cherished members of your family.

That’s why we’re a cat sitting company that’s dedicated to providing top-notch feline-only care for your furry companions when you can’t be there.

Black cat cozy at home with a cat sitter in Austin.

How to Get Started with Meow Austin Cat Sitting

  1. Check out our services, rates, and policies
  2. Contact us to request service and set up a quick meet & greet
  3. Book your visits and enjoy your vacation!

When you book our cat sitting service, you can be sure that we’ll take the best possible care of your companion.

We love and care for our cat clients like they’re members of our own family.

Why Should You Hire a Cat Sitter Instead of Boarding Your Cat?

Because cats prefer being home – understandably! Cats don’t like change, even something minor like placing your sofa in a new spot can stress out your cat. Going to a boarding facility, even if it’s the best of the best and staffed by wonderful, caring people, is still going to be a huge shock for your cat, and potentially very upsetting.

Cats don’t like change.

Cats like being home and being able to nap in their usual spots, rest in their usual perches, do their usual afternoon bird viewing from the living room window, basically all the little things that make up your cat’s routine. Cats prefer to keep doing those things even when you’re gone, instead of being uprooted.

We believe 100% that you will come home to a much happier cat, and while you’re away we will bend over backwards to pamper your pet.

  • We’re bonded, insured, and Red Cross-certified in pet CPR and first aid.
  • You’ll get daily updates and photos, so you can stay connected to your cat while you’re away.
  • We can enhance your home’s security while you’re away by rotating lights and bringing in mail and packages.
  • Our cat sitters are feline care professionals with training in cat behavior as well as first aid.

Whether your cat wants playtime, cozy time, or just to be talked to while we refill their food and water bowls, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each cat.

We are cat play enthusiasts and we totally cater to lap cats, but if your cat just wants to be left alone, we totally understand that too! We’re all about letting cats be cats.

Get started with Meow Austin Cat Sitting and let us provide the love, care, and companionship your feline friend deserves.

Here are the areas where we currently provide cat sitting in and around Austin:

Austin (South and Southeast)
San Marcos

Meow Austin Cat Sitting LLC is Bonded, Insured, and Red Cross Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR